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My name is Brian McBride. Some of you know me. For those who don’t, here I am.

I’m 22-years-old. I’m a Spirit-filled follower of Christ, Certified Pastor-in-Training, Author of both fiction and non-fiction, poet, worship leader, songwriter, painter, Instagram photographer, brother, and friend.

I’m a hopeless romantic and an avid daydreamer. I spend most of my time writing about things like love, hope, life, passion, art, faith, loss, grief, struggle, friendship, and the human condition.

My favorite animal is the wolf because, like me, they run in packs, are fiercely protective and territorial, don’t beat around the bush, and care for their own. You’ll rarely find me alone – my tribe is my home.

I am so, wholly, completely passionate about the Lord. I am deeply, deeply desperate for the presence and glory of God. I long to see the children of God rise and begin to move in the Spirit in power and authority, releasing a fresh move of heaven in the world, to see strong, passionate, Godly men and women rise up as modern-day Daniels and Esthers.

At the core of who I am, I’m a lover, a fighter, and a believer, loyal to the bone. And I know that for those who are like me, who are desperate for more, we’ve barely scratched the surface. There’s nothing that can stop His goodness now.

“Give me Jesus. You can have all this world, but give me Jesus.”