23 of my favorite things

It’s my 23rd birthday today, so I thought I’d do a fun post featuring 23 of my favorite things! 1.     Cool Summer nights on my front porch/in our hot tub with my fam. 2.     Rainy Autumn days spent at home with my whole family binge-watching Psych 3.     Church services where the presence of Jesus fills … Continue reading 23 of my favorite things

taking ownership + an #ownvoices story

So, I had an interesting Monday. After a long weekend spent remodeling my kitchen, then a long Monday at work that was so busy I had to stay late, I was less than thrilled about receiving some disrespectful comments and messages from one of my readers and followers on IG. This person, who had been … Continue reading taking ownership + an #ownvoices story

no one said it would be easy

Looking at the culture of the Modern American Church today, I’m always amazed at how Seeker Sensitive it’s become. If you don’t know what “Seeker Sensitive” means, a loose definition would be “messages that don’t meddle with people, worship that doesn’t cost anything, prayer that only points inward and not outward, doctrines that make people … Continue reading no one said it would be easy