every bright and broken thing | cover reveal!

It's been a challenge keeping this under wraps, but I'm here to officially reveal the cover of my sophomore YA Contemporary novel, Every Bright and Broken Thing + the official release date! I would so, so, so appreciate it if you shared this all over the interwebs! 🙂

taking ownership + an #ownvoices story

So, I had an interesting Monday. After a long weekend spent remodeling my kitchen, then a long Monday at work that was so busy I had to stay late, I was less than thrilled about receiving some disrespectful comments and messages from one of my readers and followers on IG. This person, who had been … Continue reading taking ownership + an #ownvoices story

indie publishing: my process, part two

If you haven't read part one, read it here! Okay, so you have a full-blown novel. You’ve got your Beta Reader feedback, you’ve finished approx. 1 million drafts of content edits and line edits. Maybe you even sent your manuscript off to a professional editor just to be safe. And now you’re confident that this … Continue reading indie publishing: my process, part two