indie publishing: my process, part two

If you haven't read part one, read it here! Okay, so you have a full-blown novel. You’ve got your Beta Reader feedback, you’ve finished approx. 1 million drafts of content edits and line edits. Maybe you even sent your manuscript off to a professional editor just to be safe. And now you’re confident that this … Continue reading indie publishing: my process, part two


novelling: my process, part one

Allow me to interrupt my normal discussions about life and faith with something a little less serious. 🙂 I want this blog to be a healthy mix of anything and everything. So I’ve decided to start a three-part series where I share about my novelling process, my publishing process, and my marketing process as an indie author. … Continue reading novelling: my process, part one

no one said it would be easy

Looking at the culture of the Modern American Church today, I’m always amazed at how Seeker Sensitive it’s become. If you don’t know what “Seeker Sensitive” means, a loose definition would be “messages that don’t meddle with people, worship that doesn’t cost anything, prayer that only points inward and not outward, doctrines that make people … Continue reading no one said it would be easy

myths you might believe about christianity

Brace yourselves. This topic has been on my mind and heart for awhile and I've noticed that misrepresentation of Evangelical Christianity in mainstream American circles today is a huge problem. By and large, Christians are treated like villains by the mainstream media, by progressives and left-wingers. Some of that misrepresentation is simply because leaders with … Continue reading myths you might believe about christianity