10 things your pastor wishes you knew

First, let me just say that I love the Church. Like, ALL CAPS love. My heart is for the Church. I’m passionate about the Church. I believe in the Church. But as a third-generation pastor’s kid, there’s a discrepancy that I’ve noticed in the way many (not all!) churches treat their pastors. My great-grandparents were … Continue reading 10 things your pastor wishes you knew

judgment is good

I debated off and on about whether or not I was going to share on this topic. When it comes to judgment, most people automatically jump to the conclusion that it's bad, evil, wrong, unmerciful, etc... But I can't escape the pressing reality - especially as I study Scripture - that judgment is, in fact, … Continue reading judgment is good

no one said it would be easy

Looking at the culture of the Modern American Church today, I’m always amazed at how Seeker Sensitive it’s become. If you don’t know what “Seeker Sensitive” means, a loose definition would be “messages that don’t meddle with people, worship that doesn’t cost anything, prayer that only points inward and not outward, doctrines that make people … Continue reading no one said it would be easy

myths you might believe about christianity

Brace yourselves. This topic has been on my mind and heart for awhile and I've noticed that misrepresentation of Evangelical Christianity in mainstream American circles today is a huge problem. By and large, Christians are treated like villains by the mainstream media, by progressives and left-wingers. Some of that misrepresentation is simply because leaders with … Continue reading myths you might believe about christianity