book news + writing update

Hey guys!

Haven’t posted here in quite some time, but I figure it’s my duty to keep y’all appraised of what’s going on in the writing department. 🙂

As I’m sure you know, I published my debut YA Contemporary novel, Love and the Sea and Everything in Between, last November while drafting my second YA Contemporary novel, Every Bright and Broken Thing. (Both are now available on Amazon.) In March – May of this year I worked on prepping EBABT for publication while simultaneously drafting my third novel, Sons of Slaughter. I’m happy to say that SOS will be out November 5th!

I’ve come to realize writing is my superpower. 😂 I honestly have no idea how I’ve managed to be so productive these last 10 months. But I’m thankful for it, because this is the only way I’ll make a career out of writing.

While doing final edits on Sons of Slaughter, I’ve also started planning this years NaNoWriMo novel! I’d like to introduce you to… We the Wild Things. WTWT will be my fourth YA Contemporary novel and a loose, loose retelling of Peter Pan and Where the Wild Things Are. It follows foster siblings Peter, Ruth, and William as they run away from their group home in search of a place called Neverland deep in the heart of the Pennsylvania woods. Guided by only a photograph, Peter leads them across the East Coast. During the day, they steal cars, pick pockets, and explore abandoned train stations. At night, they tell stories around a campfire. But what happens when your campfire stories start to come to life? Surreal, heartfelt, dark, and whimsical, We the Wild Things Is a story about found family, love, magic, and adventure.

Can’t wait to start writing this one!

For all the latest, be sure to follow me on Instagram @brianmcbrideauthor!!

Love you,


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