23 of my favorite things

It’s my 23rd birthday today, so I thought I’d do a fun post featuring 23 of my favorite things!

1.     Cool Summer nights on my front porch/in our hot tub with my fam.

2.     Rainy Autumn days spent at home with my whole family binge-watching Psych

3.     Church services where the presence of Jesus fills the house so strong that the service goes way longer than usual.

4.     Books that make me feel all the feels.

5.     Riverdale

6.     All things Marvel

7.     Long drives at night with an epic playlist and good friends and nowhere we have to be.

8.     Bonfires on the 4th of July with my family and friends

9.     My family

10.  Storyboarding on Pinterest

11.  That feeling I get in my chest whenever I have a new story idea that just begins to explode in my head.

12.  Bright, early mornings spent sitting in bed with a cup of coffee, my Bible, and a powerful devotional book.

13.  Laughter

14.  Thanksgiving and Christmas

15.  Trying on new clothes

16.  Powerful times of worship with my church peeps + moments of intercession where Holy Spirit just takes over

17.  The Bible

18.  Talking about Jesus

19.  Connecting with people for the first time and clicking with them so well that you walk away feeling like you just met family

20.  Travelling

21.  Hawaii!

22.  Camping

23.  Good music that gets my heart racing

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