love and the sea + quotes + commissions


Hey, guys! Just your friendly reminder that my YA Contemporary novel, Love and the Sea and Everything in Between, is now available on Amazon!

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Enjoy some quote graphics I’ve been designing for my book! 🙂

Blank Spacesbright and braveworld at our feet


And last, but not least… I wanted to let you all know that I’m actually going to be opening up a commission service for a handful of different things. Like 1) want some of those quote graphics for your own book? Let’s talk! Or 2) want a book cover? See below! Or 3) Need professional interior formatting for your indie book? Hit me up!

Below, is a collage displaying my design style for book covers. Feel free to email me [brianalexandermcbride@outlook(dot)com] to inquire about the cost of any of the above!*

I’ll be working on creating a page on my blog that will hopefully be more extensive for you all. 🙂



*Please note that I do reserve the right to refrain from working on projects that include profanity, nudity, blasphemy, or witchcraft.

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