pain & promise

These last three months have been some of the most challenging and painful months of my life. In many ways, resembling an incredibly hard season I went through 3 years ago.

But through the thorns and the shadows, my life has been filled with such hope, love, and joy. The Lord has anchored me. He has carried me. He has strengthened me. He has wiped away every tear, filled every void, and trampled every thorn.

In a season where darkness seemed to creep around every corner, He gave me the courage to have vision. When the devices of the enemy conspired to inhibit the fruit of my life, He produced a greater measure of His Spirit in my life.

God fulfills where the enemy seeks to kill. In pain, there is promise. In crushing, there is creation. In ruin, there is resurrection. In loss, there is life. In trial, there is training. When you yield your circumstance – be it rejection, betrayal, sickness, disappointment – to the Lord, He is faithful to carry you through.

I will never stop singing about the goodness of God. Because life isn’t always good. But He never fails. Never once. He has taught my feet to dance upon disappointment.

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